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January 7, 2008
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The Royal Family plus Hai by Purple-Twilek The Royal Family plus Hai by Purple-Twilek
I should have been doing other things, but.. I didn't >3

Fanart for the rp over at :iconavatarverse: 's forum [link] . It's the royal family of Hai Guo, with their bodyguard General Hai. I'm not entirely sure how they got Hai to lie on the ground. He doesn't relax very easily.

On the left is King Mukatan, (char owned by none other than :iconkingmukatan: ,) looking disturbingly like Vash the Stampede. Ignore that. I didn't mean to. Then there's my character Hai, and above him my other character Princess Sakura, and next to her Princess Zhi owned by :iconlilfirebender: .

ANYWAY, this RP's totally awesome, a lot more fun than any other I've belonged to.

Hai the self-appointed bodyguard is so much fun to play. He might be short, but he'll kill you if you try anything. Bwa-ha-ha.

I would like to take this time to encourage you to join. And hey, make more than one character if you like. I'm a little annoyed with the fact that there are maybe a total of three characters over the age of 20. Playing an all-powerful waterbender who is such a wonderful and sensitive person who cries when someone stomps on a bug might be fun to some people, but you know what's more fun? Playing neurotic middle-aged ex-generals who has panic attacks and is sensitive about his height. I get highly annoyed with people who think their amazingly powerful character is interesting. If you want to, say, be a great firebender, try giving the person a history, or maybe they WANT to be the greatest firebender but work towards that. Just some suggestions for making your RP creations a little more fun for you and other people.

Oh, and be sure and read the rules. ALL of them. Do you have a character who can bend more than one element? You haven't read all the rules. Really, there's not that many.

...That all sounded angrier than I meant it to, sorry, I'm just a little tired and frustrated right now. :)

:iconlilfirebender: and :iconkingmukatan: , thanks for making such awesome RPers. I'm not sure I'm the best at it, I'm more of a story-teller than a writer (there IS a difference, XD)

I wonder what part of the palace they're in. Looks like the royal bathroom :rofl:

Coming up next: prize art for :iconalisachristopher: for winning the speedpaint contest.

:iconmissvarlou: gift Part 3 :)

Lots of comics I've been meaning to do (including Noir Bender!)
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ha ha ha ha i like it! king looks good as a vash outfitee
cursedgnomes Jan 14, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
this is awesome :D I love the tile.. and the charas look great :D

I get a really happy feeling looking at this picture :boogie: lol kudos :D
Hahaha, thank you!!! :D
mmm that is one clean bathroom floor o:
:laughing: i'm sorry, that pose is sooo familiar XD
it looks like an oekaki i never finished with lil and two other people XD
almost exact poses.. that is really freaky. :fear:

i love the way you draw king, he's got such a fun and bouncy energy in every line! :D
poor hai... has to look out for her squirt of a daughter XD
it's great! :rofl:
abayo ;D
LOL, III'D lie on it XDD

Thanks!!! :D
*his {as in kings XD} squirt of a daughter scuse my typo <<;
Oh, wow, this looks so awesome!!! Hai doesn't look too happy to be there... I love the way Sakura looks. I think it's her pose. Zhi has a look on her face kind of like "... why the heck am I lying on the ground with my dorky father and his uptight bodyguard?" Not that I think King Mukatan is a dork, or that Hai's uptight... that's just kind of what her expression translates too...

Wow... I totally know how to take a compliment and completely screw it up...
hahaha, thank you, it's so true XD
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